CEQA Water Neutrality & Water & Energy Analysis

ZC has pioneered documenting compliance with the energy and water provisions of the CEQA 2155.1 (a) (8) exemption for transit priority projects. The methodology we developed is also useful during early project planning and entitlement, as well as for projects under a water neutrality ordinance.


Water NEUTRALITY & Energy Efficiency Compliance

California has streamlined the CEQA process for projects accessible to transit. To quality for this exemption, a project must meet a series of requirements, including water and energy efficiency. ZC has documented water and energy compliance for over 15 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County and Santa Monica projects. Our methodology has been reviewed by City of Santa Monica staff and several land use attorneys. We work with project teams to identify cost effective compliance strategies.

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Water Neutrality Ordinances

Santa Monica requires that development projects that will consume more water than previously used on the property to offset this increase by paying a fee that the city uses to retrofit older buildings with water efficient fixtures. Los Angeles County is considering a similar ordinance. ZC has played an active role in the drafting and implementation of the ordinance, focusing on making it workable for all, with the goals of transparency, fairness and maximizing developers’ incentive to build water efficient projects. Using the water analysis methodology we developed for the CEQA TOD exemption, ZC works with developers to understand the ordinance’s implications and how to cost effectively maximize water efficiency and minimize the water neutrality fee.

Sample Projects

  • 5102 W. Adams Blvd. (Los Angeles)

  • 11460 Gateway (Los Angeles)

  • Sunset Junction (Los Angeles)

  • 234 Pico (Santa Monica)

  • 1613 Lincoln (Santa Monica)

  • 1450 Cloverfield (Santa Monica)

  • 601 Wilshire (Santa Monica)

  • 3030 Nebraska (Santa Monica)