The Brickyard at Playa Vista

The Brickyard, a 460,000 sf office building with ground floor retail and a standalone daycare center and play yard, is Tishman Speyer’s third and final office project at Playa Vista. The first tenant is the Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television.

It was designed by Michael Maltzan Architecture; Gensler was the architect of record. The LEED Group process was utilized for efficiency. The foundation of the LEED effort was Playa Vista’s urban design, unique project requirements, and the City of Los Angeles Green Code, an expansion of CALGreen. The Brickyard added, among other elements, energy and water efficiency, tenant submetering, enhanced commissioning, open space, and bike parking and changing rooms.


Unique Requirements

Playa Vista has unique green advantages and requirements for developers. A sitewide Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) projects don’t have to prepared their own. The 27-acre freshwater marsh and riparian corridor fulfills California’s storm water runoff regulation and earns the LEED storm water quality credit. Municipally supplied recycled water must be used for irrigation and for nonpotable uses inside commercial buildings, including toilets and urinals.


Campus at Playa Vista

The Campus at Playa Vista is the heart of Silicon Beach. It consists of five office developments and Playa Vista’s 8-acre Central Park, known for its unique performance space and its recreational opportunities. Zinner Consultants certified all five office projects LEED-CS (Core & Shell) Gold.


Fresh Renderings for Playa Vista Office Campus


2017 Brick in Architecture Award, The Brick Industry Association - The Brickyard at Playa Vista

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