Zinner Consultants offers seven key interrelated services: Green CertificationSustainability Master Planning; Environmental Mitigation Monitoring; Water & Energy Analysis; CALGreen Support; Entitlement Support; and Energy & Water Benchmarking. These offerings derive from our broad and deep experience, have common roots, and are approached using the same collaborative, transparent, logical, and systematic methodology. Where beneficial, two or more of these services can be provided in an efficient, Integrated Approach to achieve optimal results.


GREEN Certification: LEED, CHPS, WELL, Fitwel & ENVISION

ZC’s green certification practice focuses on cost effectively maximizing building performance. ZC staff is accredited to support each of these systems. ZC is a LEED Proven Provider.


Sustainability Master Planning

ZC develops comprehensive sustainability master plans for cities and other public agencies, public agency capital programs, and multi-faceted, large scale master planned projects.


Entitlement SUPPORT

ZC is uniquely experienced in assisting projects with sustainability issues during entitlement. We undertake analysis to determine cost effective sustainability strategies, assist with staff negotiations, and testify at public hearings.


Water & ENERGY Analysis: CEQA TOd & Neutrality 

ZC pioneered documenting compliance with the CEQA 21155.1 transit priority project exemption, subsection (a)(8) energy and water provisions. Our methodology is also beneficial during project planning and entitlement, as well as for projects under a water neutrality ordinance.



ZC provides CALGreen support ranging from strategic guidance to training to compliance documentation and working with building inspectors. We match our service to your need. 


Environmental Mitigation Monitoring

ZC serves as Mitigation Monitor when required for EIR Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs. We oversee the MMRP’s implementation and document and report compliance to the lead agency.


Energy & Water Benchmarking

ZC helps property owners comply with the City of Los Angeles Existing Building Energy and Water Efficiency (EBEWE) ordinance by benchmarking projects utilizing EnergyStar Portfolio Manager. We have tackled complex properties such as shopping malls.


Integrated Sustainability

The most effective and cost effective approach to sustainability and green building is to combine the various drivers into an integrated approach.  We can provide multi-faceted sustainability and green building consulting from entitlement through Certificate of Occupancy and beyond.


Industry-Leading Accomplishments


LEED Firsts:
  •  1st Platinum Museum (2008)
  •  1st two Core and Shell LEED projects in Los Angeles (1 ground-up, 1 adaptive reuse; both 2009)
  •  1st LEED certified sound stage (2010)
  •  1st zero net energy (ZNE) LEED certified classrooms in Los Angeles (2012)


1st school district CHPS program - Los Angeles Unified School District (2002-2012)


Pioneering Playa Vista Residential Sustainability Guidelines (1998)


1st master planned project voluntary LEED mandate – Douglas Park (2006)


United Nations-recognized Santa Monica Sustainable City Plan (1994)


American Planning Association Outstanding Planning Program Honor Award-winner City of Los Angeles Energy/LA Action Plan (adopted 1982)