Mitigation Monitoring in Process

By John Zinner

John Zinner, ZC’s Principle, currently serves as the Mitigation Monitor for a range of Los Angeles projects including Playa Vista; the redevelopment of the Century Plaza Hotel; Landmark II, a high-rise apartment building in West Los Angeles; and the Sherman Oaks Pavilions grocery store. Glen Boldt and Beth Brownlie are assisting.

Our job, simply put, is to help ensure our clients abide by and report compliance with mitigation measures that issues such as air quality, archaeology, waste and traffic. Mitigation measures are drafted as part of EIRs (Environmental Impact Reports) and then incorporated into a project’s conditions of approval. The conditions typically require that a Mitigation Monitor be hired before the start of construction and that periodic reports documenting compliance be filed with the city.

Our monitoring strategy varies with each project’s requirements. Our objectives are to be efficient and constructive. Onsite monitoring ranges from daily (Landmark II) to quarterly (Century Plaza). We develop documentation forms that are easy for general contractors and others to use. The documentation reports are typically filed annually.

The key is project startup, which focuses on relationship building and designing the monitoring strategy. We frequently help clients determine the best approach, many times as part of our proposal development. We’d be happy to help you.